What's New

A new range that has all the benefits of our innovative, high quality, special filters in an elegant configuration. Using intelligent, balanced cigarette design to provide better overall value, without compromising on taste or brand quality.

  • Mono-Acetate Filter Tips

Mono-Acetate filter tip is the industry standard, single segment filter. It is a very versatile tip, which can be used with all varieties of tobacco blend. Mono-Acetate filter tips are capable of reducing particulate matter. This filter tip is available in both slim and super-slim variants.

  • Dual –Acetate Filter Tips

Dual-Acetate filter is designed to give the cigarette a unique end appearance. This filter also offers enhanced tar and nicotine retention without the need for increased draw resistance or higher ventilation. The inclusion of an activated carbon segment in the dual format improves this filter's performance. This filter is also available in slim and super-slim variants.

  • Non-Wrapped Acetate Filter

Non-Wrapped Acetate filter is a Roll-Your-Own product. The tips are produced without the standard plug wrap to enhance the cigarette building experience. This filter is available in both slim and super-slim variants.