Facilities & Products

Innovation, creation and quality are at the heart of ARD Filters.

Standard Products:

  • Mono acetate filter rod

Mono Acetate filter is a single segment, industry standard filter. It is a filter which can be used with all varieties of tobacco blend. This kind of filter is also available in both slim and super slim variants.

  • Flavored filter

Want to add flavor to cigarettes to enhance the tobacco blend or extend the range of your existing brand? Specific amounts of the flavor can be precisely added to the filters to add some taste-flavor that enhances the tobacco blend.
Some flavors include: Apple, strawberry, menthol, clove, grape and vanilla. These flavored filters are available in standard and both slim and super slim variants.

  • Slim and Super slim

Size does matter – Go Slim or Super Slim.
This type of filter provides a unique appearance to your brand. Just like our standard filter, these filters can be used with al variants of tobacco blend.

Specialized Products:
  • Dual Acetate Charcoal filter

Without the need for increased draw resistance or higher ventilation, dual filter offers enhanced tar and nicotine retention. This filter is designed to give the cigarette a unique end appearance. The activated carbon segment in the dual format improves filter’s performance. Activated carbon provides taste modification possibilities and makes the smoke smoother. This filter is also available in slim and super-slim variants.

  • Dual Acetate Charcoal Recess filter

Recessed Filter rods combine unique end appearance of your cigarette together with all the advantages of dual acetate filter rods. It can be used for one or two segments filter and is an effective way to differentiate a product. Stiff plug-wrap and recess allows in achieving a special smoking perception.

Manufacturing Process

At ARD Filters, filter production is taken very seriously with no room for sub standard products.  Our production process follows leading industry standards and is efficient in high-speed production without sacrificing quality and precision. We invest only in top-of-the-line machines that provide speed and accuracy, with specialized functions and flexibility for production tasks. Packed with state-of-the-art machines and manned by trained and skilled personnel, quality is constantly watched and supervised so that our brands that adhere to the highest quality standards.

Research & Development

R&D is at the very center of ARD Filters. Our approach is global, diverse and flexible, and fosters an open worldwide network which aims to provide innovative solutions which create value and makes us stand out from our competitors.

Our dynamic international network of experts helps us to provide the finest technical support, improve the performance to achieve operational excellence, and to create and launch ground-breaking news